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I like it, App  :Thmbsup: My only request would be to be able to resize it (more) when it is free-floating. I'd like to be able to reduce its height to the same height as the taskbar so that I can dock it immediately on top of the taskbar. As it stands right now, it fits ON the taskbar nicely, but when I make it free-floating it's double that width at the narrowest setting that it will allow me to shrink it to... See screenshot below:

EDIT: added missing attachment...  :-[

I'll see what I can do to fix that.

I have quite a few fixes to improve it. Got a few more issues to take care of where xp themes are concerned.

I will hopefully be releasing an update very soon.

Thanks, App. No hurry - it works well as is. I've settled on simply not enabling the toolbar and will invoke it when I need it. Note - I use Maxthon 2 to surf the web and it doesn't yet support IE and WE plug-ins and toolbars  :( Hence the need/desire to run it as a free-floating toolbar.

This is not an IE toolbar and as I mentioned before it doesn't exactly play very nicely as one. It won't open pages in the open instance of IE and will instead open pages in a new window of the default browser, which in your case would be Maxthon.

It is meant as a deskbar and Explorer (files & folders thing) bar only.

What you can do if you do not want it on your taskbar or on the desktop as a free floating toolbar is to drag it to the top of your screen and let it dock there. Then right click it and select autohide.

Now when you touch the top edge of the screen, it will pop out for use. Add the address bar to it like hollow did and it's a really useful tool.

Be careful...since you can add a bunch of things to it just like you can with your taskbar, it may just be a matter of time before you have 2 big scary toolbars like me.  :P

Hmm.  I can't use it on my taskbar - oops - actually I can't use it anywhere; as soon as I click on it, I get an error dialog:

Any idea as to what is wrong here?




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