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Office suite for my mom?

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Hi Tom - you have to request a free key during install and then register to be sent the licence key. It's ever so slightly confusing and not quite as described in the VUNet instructions. The updates you receive are simply later builds of 2006 (and presumably there will not be many, if any, more of these). I already own SoftMaker Office 2006 and went the Ashampoo route in hopes of getting a cheap update to 2008 in the future. You are offered the chance to upgrade during install - in my case it was $39 or $62 Cdn. despite the Canadian dollar being at par).

I'm asking cause I want to install it on old laptop which I think can no longer be connected to internet (or not without effort I dont want to invest)
I've started it now & have sent off request for key, awaiting email  :up:

You download the updaters (they call them service packs) here:

So... you can download them on your main computer and save them to a thumbdrive (or whatever) and run them from that - easy peasy!

Just to underline a point already made a number of times in this thread: the Ashampoo/SoftMaker suite is remarkable for the speed with which the apps open up. Absolutely breathtaking (ie pretty much instant).

rob wood:
Try Kingsoft Office.. English version.. just released and downloadable from Its small enough to fit onto an old laptop and should provide the functionality and compatibility both with doc formats and familiarity your looking for.


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