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Office suite for my mom?

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I know the question of "software that my mom can use" is cliche, but it's actually what I need to find. My mom just got a new computer for Christmas, and was disappointed not to find any software on it (I think she's lucky to have avoided all the crap on a typical new computer  >:()

Anyway, I need to set her up with an office suite. Here are the options that I see:

* Microsoft Office - just costs too much for her, not a feasible candidate
* Corel WordPerfect Office Ver. X3 - I happen to have a couple of NFR copies of this
* Open Office
* Star Office - I think largely the same thing as OO but with addons, so probably preferable
* IBM Lotus Symphony
* Softmaker/Ashampoo -
She needs this both for her presentation (a minister, meaning she'll be writing sermons and maybe making small presentations to groups), as well as her studies (for a Doctor of Divinity, needing to write grad-student quality papers, do presentations for class, including some light charting). She's not a very sophisticated computer user at all; for anything but the most basic operations, she'll find the answer (usually by calling me*), and write down the sequence of menu options so she can do it again later.

(* calling me won't work on anything since MS Office, which I've already eliminated, so ease of use is probably a pretty important factor)

Would anyone like to offer opinions as to which choices would be better or worse?

Edit: add Softmaker to list

Why not go with something like Zoho:

Why not go with something like Zoho:
-Veign (December 31, 2007, 03:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
I don't know anything about it. Can you contrast it with the others that I mentioned? (I can't get to their web page from here; our evil proxy server blocks the site)

I'd load up OpenOffice and StarOffice since they are free and see if she likes them before investing in ms office.

There is also AbiWord, which is a quick word processor.
Not ms word but enough to write and edit with some flare.

I use it cuz it pops up quick like wordpad.

Maybe the one from Ashampoo,  rebadged from softmaker (  ( , if your german isnt real good lol) textmaker and plan maker and i think there is a new presentation program in the new suite.  Softmaker seem to have academic pricing on the old version (2006) as well.


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