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New App! WTF!? Music Info

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Carol Haynes:
Fair enough (ducks the shattering glass ceiling ...)

I can only see the first one you posted as the others are too small and don't enlarge when you click them.

Actually most of mine are either tagged because they came that way, or I use WMP find the album ... feature. I am really bad at getting round to tagging (or removing duplicates - that graph of mine is probably totally wrong because I have huge numbers of multiple copies scattered all over the place).

version posted with some additions and fixes-seedling (January 09, 2008, 01:33 AM)
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what are the changes, seedling? too lazy to d/l & read the changelog.. :)
-lanux128 (January 09, 2008, 06:13 AM)
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Sorry, was falling asleep at the computer last night ;)

+ added an 'additional search folders' list that will be searched along side the main search dir
* fixed the mouse clicking on the chart issue (where you could move the chart around when you're not supposed to be able to)
* other internal fixes / improvements

sounds good, seedling! :Thmbsup: going to d/l & try-out..

New App! WTF!? Music Info

new version with some internal fixes is now available.

grab it here:


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