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New App! WTF!? Music Info

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I was so looking forward to trying this out, but I got the same type of error that srboisvert did. I guess I'll have to wait.  :(

ok get the new build. this one addresses some scanning problems with year tags that are not correctly done as well as some internal fixes.

You're going to hate me... more bugs! ;D (or apparent bugs at least).

First, the problem with the pictures in the folders is fixed. But I noticed I weird thing that is I can move along the grid using the right mouse button. Is that normal?

And I see that if I limit the chart to the Top 10 entries, it defaults to 4 and remains like that if I select some field with not enough information to fill the rest of the bars. Again, is this the expected behavior?

Since I can't exclude folders yet, this represents a combined collection and the musical tastes of 4 people:

New App! WTF!? Music Info
New App! WTF!? Music Info
New App! WTF!? Music Info

Hmm... just struck me while eyeing app's charts that the totals aren't included ... you could have a "total shown" depending on the cut off and a grand total.


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