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c_pp - NANY 2008 entry - simulate the C/C++ preprocessor (for programmers)


I now have a contribution to the NANY 2008 programming challenge. I'm sorry, it's a program of less general interest than the program, which I have announced three weeks ago. I couldn't complete that program in time. I have wrapped an existing TextTransformer project into a very simple graphical user interface instead.

"c_pp" is a program for applying, testing or learning C preprocessor directives. C/C++ code can be remodeled into the preprocessed form with c_pp: preprocessor directives are removed, definitions are replaced, not defined areas are removed and macros are expanded.

c_pp can be downloaded from

There are some additional explanations too.

The TextTransformer project, on which the c_pp is based, will also be available, as soon as TextTransformer 1.4.1. is published. You then can adapt this project to your personal needs and use it for example in combination with the TextTransformer components. The TextTransformer components, which were presented here for the BCB contest last year, also will be updated and extended very soon.


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