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IDEA: kill specified programs "harshly/silently" at shutdown

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I have a wifi tray tool for my computer which does not shutdown gracefully at windows shutdown..
You know the type, windows display the "waiting for shutdown.. end now" progress bar that goes on forever.
I know this isn't the first time i've had a program like this.

So i'm thinking about a little utility where the user can specify the names of processes that should be KILLED when the shutdown signal is received.

I'll write this if it doesn't already exist and no one else wants to write it, but i thought i'd post it here first and see if anyone else wants to do it (ps 1+ day left before NANY 2008 deadline).


    *Absurd Terminator*

    Absurd Terminator - fast Windows Shutdowner and Task Terminator. It helps
    you to make some "absurdly" long and routine Windows functions quicker and
    more convenient.  $17.00.

    Main features:

        - Shutdown/Restart/Log off Windows'95/98/ME/2000 with help of hot keys
    or by one click on system tray icon or from command line, (using:
    terminator.exe /shutdown /restart /logoff - for .bat-files or for
    schedulers and planers);
        - Terminate any running program, task or process quicker and more
    comfortable than in the standard <Ctrl-Alt-Del> function of Windows,
    without confirmation;
        - Terminate programs from command line, syntax: terminator.exe /kill
    [NameOfProgram], where NameOfProgram can be part of the program executable
    file string,

--- End quote ---

You can kill programs both via GUI and command line with a very small free (6K) program called Taskill


Shutdown v1.02  FREE!

This program can be setup to shutdown, logoff, turn off or restart a user's machine. Very easy to use and distribute, no is installation required. By default (with no command line options), Shutdown will simply shutdown Windows. With the command line options, you can manipulate the functionality of this program. There is NO user interface for this program, when you run shutdown, it will execute the commands passed.

This utility works well in combination with our Message Manager Deluxe login script utility. Click here to download Shutdown v1.02 .

Command line options for Shutdown:

SHUTDOWN.EXE {command option} {force}

Pass the option you wish to perform on the command line.

1 = Shuts down the system to a point at which it is safe to turn off the power. All file buffers have been flushed to disk, and all running processes have stopped.
2 = Shuts down all processes running and then it logs the user off.
3 = Shuts down the system and turns off the power. NOTE: the system must support the power-off feature.
4 = Shuts down the system and then restarts the system.

FORCE = Forces processes to terminate. Instead of bringing up the "application not responding" dialog box for the user, this value forces an application to terminate if it does not respond.

--- End quote ---

there are a lot of shutdown tools that will trigger a shutdown in dif ways, at specific times, etc.

but i'm more interested in a program that kicks in whenever windows is shutdown or restarted the normal way, and then does its work.  programs actually get a signal when shutdown is occuring, so it wouldn't be hard to catch this signal and then kill the programs in the list.

programs actually get a signal when shutdown is occuring, so it wouldn't be hard to catch this signal and then kill the programs in the list.
-mouser (December 30, 2007, 04:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

Does that mean it's possible and worthwhile to make a more general program, one that could trigger a backup when it sees the shutdown signal, for example?

it's certainly possible to do this.. whether there are other complications with stopping a shutdown to do this i don't know.


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