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Click2LogIt is a way to keep track when events occur. It runs as a tray icon and clicking on the tray icon will log the date & time to a log file. Along with the datetime stamp a user-definable notation is made.

The impetus for this program was a coding snack idea posted by 222fbj.


Download Click2LogIt.
[*]April 7, 2008 - v.

Was mentioned yesterday on

I’m keeping track of every change to Ghacks for about a year now which means that I write down the time of the change and what I did change, e.g. advertising position or links. This is invaluable to be able to reconstruct a previous state if something goes terribly wrong. If advertisement revenue goes down I can check the log and see if I made any changes to the positions in that time.

Click 2 Log It created by TINJAW was a contribution to the Donation Coder Nany Challenge. The application is available in the system tray if it is running. A left-click writes a new note while a right-click opens a context menu with the option to change the text that will be logged from now on.

It’s a little bit complicated - I think - that a left-click is not opening a form where you can enter a log text by yourself but you get used to that. Maybe the author reads this article and will update his version with this option, it would be great.

Another thing that bothers me is the sound that is played whenever a new log entry is created. It would be great if it would be possible to turn off the sound completely. Still, the application is nice and fast and makes my life easier. With the proposed changes it would simply rock.
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Heh, pretty cute that a super-simple little tool like that gets some real use :D

I have updated Click2LogIt to add the #1 requested feature; to allow the user to remove or change the sound made when a log entry is made.

With version there is no sound by default. If you wish to choose a sound, just right-click on the tray icon and there is now a menu item to Select Sound. Click2LogIt will play any mp3 or wav file you select.

Ideas for expansion of this cool, simple concept:
   > New config dialogue in right-click menu: "Config" opens.  Writes to local .ini or .cfg (arbitrary extension type, who cares) when config menu closed (in case of system failure) & at shutdown. This local file config is for easy backup/portability.
   > Default left click: Opens tiny dialogue where you can enter as much text as you want. Enter key would close the dialogue and write it out to the file. This would also necessitate having a different format that would allow you to display the text indented without actually writing that to the text (in case it needed to be recopied/pasted later). Think about the typical IM log viewer, with each person's msg indented after their name --> html like pidgin's logs perhaps?
         > Config: Drop down menu -> Allows the choice of behavior for left-click (orig/my sugg/???)
   > Perhaps a hybrid approach, with single-line/.txt behavior or multi-line/.html behavior
   > Config: Option to define where to write log file to. Possibly include ability to use environment vars ( & ability to write to UNC path names (i.e. \\server1\c\logs\). Also enable single-log behavior or multi-log behavior (based on definable file name parameters, like %date% and %time% etc).
   > Config: Options to change icon clicking behavior by hotkey (i.e. ctrl-lclick or alt-lclick etc)

K... that's it for now. I see this as a really neat idea that could grow to be massively adaptable to many different people if implemented in good, tight code (like FARR). And yeah, for me, the point of sweet usability starts with the second suggestion (default left-click change), so I was motivated to write to you by that and the rest just came as I wrote ;-). Good luck. I'll keep up with this and I hope it grows.



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