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another idea...
I record streamed music, and later save selections from the file to individual mp3 files. At the moment if I hear a track I like I stop what I'm doing and jot down the time into the recording, the musician/track title, then the end time.
I could well use Click2Logit to do this, but it would involve a bit of maths(time on clock-time recording started). If I could set Click2Logit to use an elapsed time, it would be perfect.
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people have need to note something according to elapsed time.

@Brandon, @Tony,

Excellent suggestions. I will add them to my bug tracker as enhancement requests and do my best to get to them asap.

As some my have noticed, I haven't done more that read the forums for several weeks. I've been working on several projects related to my day job and some as I try to get my company started. For example, right now I am working for XXXXXXXXX who has a contract with XXXXXXXXXX to make a demo of XXXXXXXXX. I'm sure you are as excited as I am.  :P

I *will* add these. Poke me every few weeks until I comply.  ;)

I noticed your absence -- it's good to hear you are busy and still can stop by to visit when you can.  :up:

Hello -

I wanted to try Click2LogIt as it looks like something I could use.  I did run into what looks like a minor bug.  I tried to sign up for an account in your bug tracker but my email address is not accepted...  Right-click and choose "Change Log Text", then just click "cancel" (as in, "nevermind").  Unfortunately the log text is removed.

I saw where people have requested a stored list of texts to choose and that would be helpful. 

What I could really use, is

1.  Prompted for text each time I click the tray icon

2.  Remember the last text so I can just click "OK" to use it again.  Also offer "Cancel" to abort creating a log entry (but don't lose the last text)

3.  Use drop-down box/auto-complete history to be able to recall old texts quickly from the text box

4.  Systray balloon when the log entry has been written

5.  Manually clean up stored auto-complete entries no longer wanted

My end goal is to create after-the-fact appointment blocks on my Outlook/exchange calendar.  My Outlook calendar serves as a record for my activities, it is a PITA to set up appointments directly on the calendar.  So I currently keep a spreadsheet of dates and text and already have a little macro that creates appointment import files in Outlook calendar import format (*.vcs). 

Having this app automate the creation of my spreadsheet entries would just make it that much easier. 

Thanks and regards,

WinXP SP3+all post hotfixes via m$ update

Numbers 1 and 2 in appyface's post above would be super, TJ. Let's face it, unless you only intend to use it for one and only one repeating task, then you have to right-click, 'Change Log Text', and then type in your log text. Much easier to just left-click, tpye your short note, and then click OK. The way it is now, I find I don’t use it much.




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