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skwire thank you for this awesome program, but may you add function to add custom keys. For example I have got 2 layouts: Russian and English. But your app only count English letters :-(

P.S. I use your app first of all to modify some ergonomics, so I just want if I pressed Russian "я" key count of English "z" goes +1

Thanks for the kinds words.  Your request is asked for quite frequently but, unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to do it.  Let me try to explain.

KeyCounter doesn't count "characters" such as 'a' or 'z' or 'я' or 'は' etc.  It counts presses of physical keys.  When using a Russian keyboard layout on an American keyboard, the 'z' key creates a 'я' character.  That's why the 'z' counter increases.  KeyCounter has no idea if a 'z' or a 'я' was created.  It just knows that that physical key was pressed on your keyboard.  

Does that make sense?

Skwire, I'm sure there's APIs that allow you to request the current keyboard layout. Or am I mistaken and do those things not exist?

No idea, really.  Either way, I've no desire to take KeyCounter to that level. 

Hey there, this is a wonderful application; but I've created this account to report 2 things.

First of all, I'm on Windows 7 32 bit, but I don't think that has anything to do with the fact that the keycounts are saved to a file named Key_Counts.lst.tmp instead of Key_Counts.lst. Now, I've changed it to the latter, and the keys are loaded fine and everything is well. If you could modify your last version with this, I think that new users would appreciate it.

Secondly, the program includes in the key counts repeated keys; for example if you hold W for 10 seconds, it registers a lot of keypresses. This is annoying in games where you hold movement keys and such, and I just want to know how many times I've pressed a certain button. If you could include an option to disable the registering for repeated keys then this application would be lovely.

Oh, one more thing. Buttons coupled with modifier keys don't seem to count (alt+2; ctrl+shift+4, etc.). I'd like alt+2 to count as one press to alt, which is counted and another one to the 2, which doesn't count as far as I've seen.

Bold part is the most important issue for me, since for repeated keys I've disabled them completely, and the first issue I've fixed it manually.


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