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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleSuggest

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thanks lanux, thats the one I have..

it simply doesnt work (no errors, nothing) & doesnt show in plugins - i tried reloading plugins neither alt/tab nor google suggest show...-tomos (January 03, 2008, 06:09 AM)
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sorry to hear that.. i'm out of ideas myself. anyway, going to keep an eye on this potentially good plugin..

can you setup a proxy thingy ? cuz it makes FARR crash here at work since i'm behind a proxy :(

can you enable proxy settings so I can use this at work?  BUMP :)


I don't have a proxy but as far as I can see FARRGoogleSuggest should pick up the proxy settings from Internet Explorer. If I enter invalid proxy settings in Internet Explorer FARRGoogleSuggest fails, so it appear that it is picking up the proxy configuration from IE.



jpgrosen tku for this amazing plugin  :o

Is there any way however to use this with my other web searches? For example say i wanted to search imdb or metacritic for a movie title. You could use google suggest to find the title and consequently replace the googe search string the imdb one using the title suggested? I think this would be a really powerful addition to this plugin. I often find that google is better at finding what i am looking for than i am  ;D

P.S. I also noticed that this plugin does not rank the search results by the number of results found. Is there a way to change this?



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