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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleSuggest

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:up: :up: :up: (but... i'm having the problem mouser mentions...)
-Armando (December 29, 2007, 02:59 PM)
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What is happening. Is there an exception or just nothing? Can you see the plugin in the "Configure Plugins dialog"?
I am using Vitalyb's SDK but it should target .NET 2.0. Are you using the FARRAltTab plugin? (Which was build with the first release of the SDK)


Jens Peter Grosen

sorry i probably should not have been the one posting this bug report, since it works like a charm for me :)

maybe the problem people didnt even have .net2 installed.
i'll let them post about their problem -- i think it just wasn't showing in the plugin list.

i'll let them post about their problem -- i think it just wasn't showing in the plugin list.
-mouser (December 29, 2007, 03:20 PM)
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Correct, I don't see it in my plugin list.  I've added the files to a "FARRGoogleSuggest" subfolder of my plugins folder.  Restarting FARR doesn't get it to recognise and neither did the manual scan from the FARR options dialog.  Please let me know if I can provide further information.  Thanks.

The lib is indeed using 2.0, and I presume Vitalyb's to be doing the same.

Sadly, user side support for .NET is patchy at best, mainly due to Microsoft not pushing it upon people. Most people will have 1/1.1, some will have 2.0 and only devs will likely have 3.x.

Looking at the refactored code it would appear that the library would need a total rewrite to bring it down to 1/1.1 standard, no fun at all: I would instead suggest that the .NET wrapper should use the Visual Studio deploy magic to install .NET 2 if it is not found.

.NET 2.0 framework:

(Be sure to check Windows Update for patches etc)


For the record, I have the following .NET frameworks installed:

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0


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