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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleSuggest

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it would be great if you could make a dcupdate file for this plugin, not just so it would be easier to update, but so i can add it to the list of plugins that can automatically be installed by users.

i can provide webspace if you want, just ask.

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I use FARRGoogleSuggest all the time and sometimes wish I could hotkey into "feeling lucky".  i.e., I'm typing into FARR, looking at the google suggest results, and just want to go straight to one of the first google results (not go to google to see the results, and then go to the first list).  Maybe something like Alt-F1, Alt-F2, etc.?

Does anyone know a way to achieve something like this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

And thanks for the awesome plug-in!

I installed this today. It crashes every time I use it and I have to kill/restart FARR, so I have now uninstalled it.
What a pity! Looks like it has potential!

Is there a dcupdater for this?

this plugin hasn't been updated for some time. there is snewave's GooglePlus plugin which shows the Google search results in FARR as you type. you might want to try that.

@lanux128: Thanks. I shall try the GooglePlus plugin, as you suggest.


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