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My wishlist-grab changes in focused window


I searched for years a similar tool, is not a desktop screencaster video recorder and not a screengrabber but something in between

I explain better i need to record my workflow on graphic SW (as gimp,inkscape..) but i need that the screegrab is done only when there are changes in the image window.

in other words this is what i will need
1 i open gimp (or photoshop or...) and i open a image windows
2 now i take a shoot of the window,save, but, here the point, now i can check a new option "Monitor this windows"
3 "Monitor this windows" simply automatically take another shoots when N pixels change inside that windows
as example suppose i'm drawing, when N, let's say five pixel are changed it automatically take a
new shoot and save in the same directory of the first shoot
3 bis  i make a example of a chang of 5 pixel, but should be 5 "or more".
If changes happen toghether (to clear if instead then drawing i apply a filter) then a new shoot has to be taken, doesn't matter if was not a change of 5 but of much more pixel

I think purpose and utility is  clear, i have no idea if could be done easily but it would be wonderful if possible

I'm not a native english so if i was not clear just tell me i will try to explain better

Anyway compliment for this sw is the most complete screenshoot utility i found till now and i tried tons of them
Even expensive commercial ones (i never buy one, but i tested the trial versions ) are so complete and full of features

Hey PhotoComiX!

I'm wondering: why don't you use something like wink?
I think it looks more adjusted to what you're trying to do than SC..

PS: what's your native language? there is a pretty good chance that someone around here speaks your language :)

No wink do nothing of what i want

i just need that after the first  other screenshoot be automatically trigged by changes of the selected window (selected from the first screenshoot).

i really don't like wink :down: and i don't want/need a classic video screen recorder, i need only the changes in the window be recorded, and as  png, a new one for each change of >N pixels in the chosen area, so no in video format

Sure final result for me will be a animation but in stopmotion, from single png, showing each minimal changes (except when i used filters, but for that i can provide same simple fading)

point is that i'm not sure is technically feasible, but for this i asked here

BTW sono italiano :)


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