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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRTunes - iTunes control plugin

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Hey all!
For all you music listeners and iTunes users.

Download link (please unpack it to your "FARR\Plugins\FARRTunes\" directory):

The full source code of this plugin can be found as part of the C# SDK, here:

A suggestion for a huge usability boost:
Make a new FARR HotKey named iTunes and assign it a combination like WinKey+I, make it execute "tns current"
You can also create a direct command to any other important feature, like the lyrics or song search.

Since it is quite a complex plug-in bugs are very expected. Please post on the thread if you have any trouble.
I'll be also glad to hear of your general experience with the plug-in.

Version History

* 1.1 Fixed the bug Mouser mentioned, should load fine now
* 1.0 Initial release

* See the current song info
* Play/Pause/Next/Previous
* Search a playlist and start the one you want
* Search for any song and play it
* See the current playing song lyrics
* Rate the current playing song
Future features

* Command to show all songs in current playlist to choose from
* Option to not start itunes until the plugin is first triggered (right now it launches itunes as soon as plugin/farr is started)
* Leave the farr window showing the current song after changing songs - That way you can see what is the next songs

Main screen

Song search

Playlists search

Current song options

Rate song

Song lyrics


amazing !
too bad i'm using winamp  :D

bug report: didn't seem to actually load into farr (not in plugin list).

incredible...... amazing...... i'm missing the words now

congratulations, vitalyb!
When will you start using winamp? :)

Is the source code available? Maybe someone could adapt it ;)


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