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Sprankle Character Map

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So what does it NOT work in? Works with everything I've tried.

Doesn't do sith here. I'll stick with the Remote Keys special characters profile (do I hear a lot of "Huh???").

Huh???  :tellme:

Very ice idea.

So what does it NOT work in? Works with everything I've tried.
-Nighted (December 28, 2007, 08:24 PM)
--- End quote ---

Doesn't work in MS Word,, EverNote and probably many others.

Sending the character to the clipboard would definitely be a better way. It's an Open Source app, so I guess that anyone who understands the script (C++ ?) could add this feature by default. Anybody wants to do it?

PS : It could probably even be linked to farr : type the letters in farr, selecting the character sends it to the clipboard. Would it be possible to make a few mofications to make it play nicely with farr? Would make a nice plugin...

EDIT : added this as a plugin idea for farr

Special characters menu (Developer's Page, scroll down for the program) or Download HERE.

Here's a screenshot and a link to a freewaregenius review page of this tool:


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