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Sprankle Character Map

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Sprankle is a handy keyboard activated character map. Find the character you need with leaving the keyboard.

Win+S to activate. Shift + key shows uppercase menu. Choose a number to select and it's pasted.

Sprankle Character Map

Can't believe I just found out about this. :)

Source included.

Looks like it could be handy...

"Could" may be the operative word. Nice idea but it's inability to work across all applications reduces it to nearly useless. The developer readily admits that he's unsure what he's doing (on the Sprankle site). Perhaps some D/C'er could give him a hand and mature the utility?!

All it needs to do is route through the clipboard. Simple fix really. Obviously it must be extremely difficult to implement. ;)

Routing through clipboard = easy.

Being able to natively input text (or "export to") all applications = hard (although getting it working for majority of apps = easy).


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