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FARR review

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IMO though, farr is superior to Quicksilver :P (I know some will think this is blasphemy, but...)! And although others are cute, they're definitely not as powerful and flexible. (BTW, this page could be updated :
-Armando (February 02, 2008, 11:08 PM)
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Lack of "cutesy" is my main concern about FARR :D

Ah, yes, that page. I held off its updating due to mouser desire to not spread the word about the new FARR yet (besides, that page only holds information about the stable versions of the apps). If he does not mind, I'll update it right away.

Lashiec : I don't know if Katapult has dramatically changed since last time I tried it, but it was pretty elementary back then. Nothing, really, in comparison to farr or quicksilver. I actually found alternatives, like Launchbox or Gnome Do, superior.

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I see. I though it was more powerful, and though its screenshots page show some potential, it may not be comparable with Gnome Do, which seems to have some tricks of its own. Never heard about Launchbox, that looks interesting as well, but it's also powered by GTK. Ow.


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