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GridMove Grid Making Tutorial

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Oh man... How this has evolved since the last time i read it!!

Ok, i think it's time for me to remove the "make your own grid" section from the help file and link here instead..  ;D

Maybe even a link on the GridMove home page eh? ;)

Even though I expect it to be fairly straight-forward I'm waiting on my new video card (ordered just the other day) before I tackle the multi-monitor portion since I'm currently using my monitors in span mode. (no sense rearranging my desk until then).

still haven't got enough time to play with this. But the "manual" is looking good, that's for sure! Thanks Tyinsar.

... But the "manual" is looking good, that's for sure!-Armando (January 02, 2008, 11:52 AM)
--- End quote ---
:o "manual" makes it sound like a huge, intimidating, book that no guy will ever read. ;D Honestly I'm trying to make this as simple and short as I can.

Good News: my extra monitor came in today, though I'm still waiting for the new graphics card. My plan is to try writing Grid files for four monitors just to see how far I can push this (or should I try 6? :D).

Since this is somewhat complicated... how about an "edit grid" option within GridMove?

What you would need:
edit mode:
- draggable lines
- show trigger areas
- button to add a rectangle for grid/trigger area
- function to discard/save changes
- ...


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