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GridMove Grid Making Tutorial

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Thanks for the "Sticky"

I also hope others will find this useful.

I also hope I will soon find time to finish this. :-[ (3.5/7 parts now in "beta"  ;D)

Feedback from GridMove users is welcome.

Thanks !  :)
I was just saying to jgpaiva, yesterday, how impatient I was to see that tutorial...  ;)
I'll try to modify a few grids on Monday.

You're most welcome Armando. I hope this helps and please let me know if any (finished) parts are unclear.

I'm trying to be accurate without making this harder to read than it has to be, especially for people that speak English as a second language. I find it hard not to use big words and sentences that are way too complex to be clear. :-[ - but I'm trying.

this is long overdue.. great work, Tyinsar! :up:

Thanks lanux.


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