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White Smoke 70% off

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So, the lesson here is that they regularly sell their stuff at 75% off, so don't let that be a contributing factor to your purchase decision.
-tinjaw (February 23, 2009, 02:40 PM)
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I've found their software to be as trustworthy as their daily "Last Day!!" sale announcement.   The software creates so many errors that I'd say it's overpriced even at 75% off.  :down:

Cindy Marks:

I don't relaly care too much about whtas considered a sale and whats not. When I thought about buying whitesmoke, the price was within my target and so i got it.  What works works, and whitesmoke works -just try to use the grammar check on microsoft word and see for yourself - it just does NOT catch a lot. Now that I use whitesmoke (the creative writing version), i am more confident that my grammar is corrected. So sale or not, its a decent price considering how much mor eit does than Word.

Mark L.:
I just love this software.
It has saved me hours on hours of editing. As you gather, I am a writer and am so enjoying having WhiteSmoke on line as I work.
It has Templates that I am using often, as there are many choices for many a subject.
I have to say that on the odd occasion that I have needed their support, they were "spot on" with their answers to my questions and on the one occasion when I queried a price, wanting to purchase a second license, they returned my cal within a few hours.
I think that most companies have special offers, and we should not downplay the special offers they make.
Good luck to you who start using the software. I hope you benefit like I do.


- yes, I too are happy with mine white smokes. It have safed my writing totallity.

I've already expressed my very negative impression of White Smoke.  I might just add that the Neat Net Tricks software panel reviewed WhiteSmoke earlier this year.  Of the six panelists, four said that they would NOT continue to use the software.  One added, "In years of reviewing programs for Neat Net Tricks, I am hard-pressed to recall a program I have been dissatisfied with on so many levels."  The entire review can be found here.


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