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Zen Magnets are still attracting...

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Awww, they're adorable. I wonder if the durability issues of some previous brands will persist with this smaller size.

- Oshyan

I was just looking at some today and wondering if I should try to get into the same market. I have few qualms about pissing in the face of stupid regulations. :P

If you want, check here:

Lots available for much cheaper. You could buy from the manufacturer and sell them for much more.

Also, I had a shipment of other magnets arrive today.

VERY Limited Final Release
⌚ Hopefully Zens will return in 2016 ⌚

   First of all, let's manage expectations. Most of those waiting to purchase Zen Magnets this holiday season will sadly be disappointed. We only have about 100 Zen Gift Sets, and 100 Original (booster) Zen Sets left. We have 3 Mandala sets and aren't sure how to release them without inciting riots and/or tears, so we're holding on to them for a rainy day or a giveaway.

Unless you're absolutely set on acquiring the very last Zen quality spheres, we recommend trying our new Compliance Micromagnets - or checking out industrial magnet sites for 5mm magnet spheres. Quite frankly, it's amazing we're still able to sell Zen Magnets at all given that - for over a year - we've been the last company fighting the CPSC's ferocious war on magnets. Yes, we are still fighting.

Nov 30th Countdown
Countdown timers have been posted for the last Zen Magnets and Neoballs for sale in the foreseeable future (until the import ban is defeated). On November 30th 8PM Mountain time, you'll be able to add the products to cart. Please limit your order to 2 Gift Zens and 2 Booster Zens, or your entire order will be refunded.

Only a limited quantity of select colors of Neoballs will be available for sale, and no tin packaging is guaranteed. We recommend checking out quickly once a product is in cart. Due to our quirky shopping cart system, if a product sells out after you add to cart, your order will go through but we'll end up refunding payment for sold out items.

Micromagnets Sale Extended
The Compliance Micromagnets presale has been extended until Nov 28th at After that we'll shut off purchasing until all preorders have been shipped the first week of December. Live prices will be about 20% higher than they are right now. Which means they'll still be a great value in about a week. Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.-Final Zen Magnets Release Details
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