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More on Super Flexible File Synchronizer; Updates Anyone?

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Have you tried the V. 4 beta?  Any comments?



Yes! Wondering the same thing, Marc.


couldn't find the time until now. Hopefully I can check it out this evening.
Will report back about the differences then, especially about the mentioned change in the GUI.


Yes, I'd like to see a shot of the new interface, SFSS always sounded like a great program, but the GUI ticked me off

I've been running the SFFS 4 beta since yesterday and have mixed feelings about it. I am not fussed about the new GUI - I really like the way version 3 placed everything on one tab (ie listing profiles and allowing you to create/edit them on the same tab). This is gone in v.4. You edit or create profiles in isolation on a different tab. It's a small detail, but it doesn't feel as convenient to have to open a separate tab to edit or create new profilesWhat I do like is that ability to select as many profiles as you like and click a "run" button which then processes them in turn - very useful!

More on Super Flexible File Synchronizer; Updates Anyone?


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