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More on Super Flexible File Synchronizer; Updates Anyone?

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I decided to check for updates to see if SFFS had done anything lately.  A couple of months ago the developer posted here in response to a thread where I was complaining quite loudly about the surprising difficulties with trying to schedule syncs with SFFS.  At the time he mentioned scheduling would be much easier in version 4 and he promised a free upgrade to anyone reading that post if they emailed him and requested it.  He didn't mention when version 4 was expected to hit the street, though.

From the SFFS interface I could not find any way to check for updates.  No link for that under the Help menu as most programs do and nothing in Options to auto-check for updates.

So I visited the SFFS website to look there manually.  I did find that something has been updated in SFFS, but not exactly what.  My current version, 3.67, is the last dated release shown on the Version History page, but several more releases are also shown there - none with dates, though. I copied them from that page and they are listed below:
SFFS Version History

v3.75b build 714
- fixes minimizing problems on some computers
- scheduler tab sheet now supports Unicode better

 v3.75a build 713
- use + prefix in "Execute After" script to have it run only upon complete success
- fixes a problem where sometimes FTP transfers where not resumed when using "Auto Resume"
- fixes some service scheduler-related delays in the GUI

v3.75 build 712
- fixes a rare Range Check Error that can occur with WebDAV authentication when Basic Authentication is not used.

v3.75 build 710
- FTP retrying optimized
- renaming conflicting files now supported for FTP
- certificates can now be used without password again, (new checkbox on the FTP dialog)
- the Cache Destination option now correctly removes deleted files from the cache.
- fixed word wrapping on large system fonts in Wizard Mode
- the program no longer shows "30 days left for eval." for some registered customers
- FTP can now go over port 80 again

- new setting: Waiting time countdown before shutdown (on Options tab sheet)
- fixed Last Sucess not being updated

- new setting: FTP Retries on the FTP dialog
- more detailed logging in case of errors when using the "Log Timing" option

- fixes rare AV at the end of processes running in parallel

- fixes emails not being sent from jobs running in parallel

- fixes a WebDAV compatibility issue

- fixes a bug when using a File Age "less than" filter, where the interval would be reduced by 1 second each time the profile is run (1 minute after 60 runs)

- improved WebDAV compatibility and speed

- fixes an occasional WebDAV problem

- Amazon S3 uploads are now automatically verified using their MD5 checksum

- copying across networks such as VPNs now tolerates interruptions and will resme transfers appropriately
- Partial File Updating optimized
- setting timestamps via WebDAV now supports three different server types which can be selected on the Internet Protocols dialog (FTP ETC.)
- Execute before/after command lines can be set to only run on specific weekdays
- a Proxy can now be specified for Amazon S3
- the diff tool can now be invoked when one side is FTP
- program now works correctly if both Partial File Updating and Auto-Resume is selected with SSH uploads

(I tried using the forum "Table" feature for the above - yuck!)

Anyway, has anyone managed to receive/install the above updates?  How do you check for SFFS updates?  Or is it just like I did - look at the site and see if anything newer is there?

BTW, I don't see any way to download updates - only the regular trial version, and I have no idea whether or not that is the latest build.

(This is almost as bad a the Chameleon Startup Manager update circus - another poor implementation IMO.   The more I see.....)



I just go to the website and navigate to the download page. If the version listed is higher than the one I have installed, I download and install. That's it! BTW, I assumed that when version 4 is released readers of the thread that you reference were to write to the developer to remind him that he had posted there about a free upgrade. Actually, I think the thread I am thinking about was Zaine's mini-review? At any rate, I am hoping to get the upgrade to version 4! I have found SFFS to be REALLY useful - use it all the time - but then I don't use the schedule so haven't had any trouble in that regard.

yes, manual check - unfortunately.
Download & install over current install.

from the download page:
"Both 30-day trial, Standard and Pro Edition included [in download]"

true, he doesnt show any update dates since the 8th Nov but that there's been 14 updates since then makes me happy the programme is in very active development

Does anyone know when version 4 is planned for, it sounded like he wanted to iron out the interface problems for then
What was that thread recently with discussion about SFFS?

found it,
SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible thread:
Hello Everybody,

I am the developer of Superflexible. It is true that in the current version, it takes a bit of hand work to make it auto-start with Windows. This will be made much easier in version 4.0. I hereby promise a free 4.0 upgrade to anybody who reads this. Just send me an email when you need the updated registration code.

There's a section in the FAQ on my web site on how to make the scheduler auto-start with Windows. Please read "How can I make the scheduler start when Windows starts?" on the following page:

Since I cannot monitor forums all the time, I would be very grateful if anybody who has problems would also write to me directly at [email protected] You can be sure that I will reply and fix any issues that should be there. Superflexible is frequently updated because I attempt to immediately fix any problems that users report.

Tobias (November 24, 2007, 11:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

Ah, thank Tom! "when you need the updated registration code" makes me happy!


I just found a new 4.00 preview/beta version on the download page.
That version will expire on February, 28th.

New Features

* Completely redesigned GUI.
* The Profile Overview is now the main screen with a toolbar and a context menu.
* New Synchronization Preview Features:           - Collapse folders and show their statistics.
          - Collapse All = F11, Expand All = F12.
          - Discontiguous selection using Ctrl and Shift.
          - Improved visual appearance and additional menu items.

* New Restore Wizard, with the ability to use the database cache for the source, as well as a target date for the restore.
* Three choices of schedulers: internal, background, service.
* Background scheduler and service more seamlessly integrated.
* Browse FTP and other online storage sites for folders.
* Folder hierarchy displayed when selecting subfolders for FTP and other sites.
* Exact Mirror Mode now has a "Configure" dialog with two sub-options.
* Redesigned Scheduling settings in the profiles.
* One SmartTracking or Caching Database can now be shared among several profiles.
* The database can now store infinitely long paths (both ANSI and Unicode).
* New ZIP-Compatible AES Encryption (256-bit).
* New checkbox: Auto-Start Background Scheduler With Windows Login.
* Scheduler tab sheet shows running parallel profiles even when service scheduler is stopped.
* Finding Moved Files is now blazingly fast.
* A French translation is expected in February, a Macintosh version in March.
--- End quote ---



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