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No sound in Flash 9. Anyone else?

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PhilB66: I have the latest version, according to the version check.
I did try reinstalling earlier, but it still has no sound.

Did you try the solutions in the HOW TO FIX NO AUDIO PROBLEM IN FLASH thread?

A paste from a link from phil's link:

No sound in Macromedia Flash Player 9?

I just reinstalled my system with XP SP2 and found that sound in Macromedia Flash player (version 9) wasn’t working. I compared it to another machine and found out that - for some obscure reason - the wavemapper mapping was missing.

I tried reinstalling other versions of the Flash player, but to no success … So I added the mapping myself via the registry.

Go to the following sweetspot in your registry:

My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32

Create a new String value named “wavemapper“. As value give it “msacm32.drv“.

And that’s it, no restart necessary, all your Flash embedded videos will have sound again :)
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