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new FARR Plugin : Delicious - built on the Javascript SDK : FScript

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it will never be able to search all delicious bookmarks of an account
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Yes you are right. Only the last links are in the rss feed. The plugin does not allow to search all the archived link. has an export fonctionnality that I may be able to use, but it is html and I would have to parse it with regex and combine that with the last results from rss.
I really wanted to get fscript out. plugin was really meant as a sample for it.
-ecaradec (December 24, 2007, 04:54 AM)
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I didn't mean to criticize your plugin. I realized that it was only a simple example for your SDK, which is by itself a great thing. And I think that an advanced plugin could be written with JavaScript and FScript. So it's all more praise for FScript than criticism for the example.

BTW: I'd be interested in a real plugin written in JavaScript, C or what ever. So if there are any plugin developers out there looking for new challenges, this would be one ;)

would it be possible to create a version of it that would work with any scripting language that integrates with it (Ruby, Perl, Groovy etc.)?
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Yes I could, but I don't know if its a good idea since ruby, perl, etc... are not installed by default with Windows and plugins would require installing another language to run. But its easy to do.
-ecaradec (December 24, 2007, 04:54 AM)
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That's correct. Plugins would be created that would require additional software to be installed. But I don't think that's really a problem. As a user you could choose the language you like for developing plugins. So it would be possible for many more people to write specialized plugins. FARR would become really customizable. I think many  Ruby and Groovy people would try FARR if they could script it with their language of choice.
Developers who want their plugins used by as many users as possible would still choose one of the languages available on a default installation of Windows. Those other potential plugin writers will probably never write a plugin in C, C# or JavaScript.

I made a new version of the plugin. It is based on the api and can explore all your posts now.  :D.

The plugin connect on your account to download the list of your posts so don't forget to set your login and password at the top of the script.

The plugin now use FARR filtering. I find this much more user friendly than using tags only for searching. Let me know. The syntax has a bit changed. It is now dlc word word word... The first check can be a bit slow (some seconds ) but the results are cached and filtering is fast after that. Tags are prefixed with ':' so if you really want to filter on some tag type :tag.

The FScript plugin has evolved too. I fixed some bugs and the whole should be more usable.

Download links removed : use link in the first message.

WOW what a day for FARR plugins, this is wonderful  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

wow this is great !  :-* :-*


it does not work on my computer...
posts.xml stays empty (0 byte)
i must be missing something really obvious...

Sometimes server refuse to answer to the request to get all posts to protect against abusive uses. Could you :
- try again
- check that your login and password are correct
- try to go to with your browser. It should return an xml document not an html message.

If nothing work try to add FARR.debug(xmlhttp.responseText) before xml.loadXML(xmlhttp.responseText); in doRequest function in fscript.js, type dlc to run the plugin and check the results. If you don't know : do ctrl-c on the dialog then ctrl-v to paste it in a message on the forum or as a private message.


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