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new FARR Plugin : Delicious - built on the Javascript SDK : FScript

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ok, will do that. i'll start with aliases that i have customised..

I distributed an alias file independant of the plugin at a time. May be you download it ? Could you check if there is another dp alias somwhere triggering the delicious plugin ?-ecaradec (February 12, 2008, 03:16 AM)
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Edit: yes, that was the problem. i had not noticed it earlier because i had copied the contents into the "myaliases.alias" file. thanks for your help.

First off,l I love this plugin and appreciate the effort it took :-*
But, I'm trying to understand the usefulness of the tag lookup (dt / dtu) command??  Sure it brings up the list of tags but I can't select one and have it do anything.  I would have expected it to take be to a list of links assigned to that tag.  I would prefer it to by my links and not a global search but either would be better than what it does now.  Am I missing something?  Can this behavior be change?

Thanks again for all of your hard work and making a truly useful tool!  :Thmbsup:

If you need to search for tag you can type :name_of_tag. This is not an exact match since :name and name_of_tag will be matched if you type :name. However this allow for incremental search. It is a good idea to select the tag and return the posts, however, it will only allow to match on one tag.
I'm currently working on an FScript version that allow to load multiple plugins. Enhancements to the delicious plugin are in standby until I'm done though.

Two questions (may be possible, already?)/suggestions:

1. Say I type "dt freew", I see that 'freeware' tag is listed. When I select it, I want to go to ('sridhar' is my user name)

2. I want a list of posts based on tags. Ex.: I want to see only those posts that match 'freeware' and 'updater'. Something like And when I select a post from the results list, I should be taken to that URL.

Doable? Thanks in advance.

1 is doable but would require another shortcut tht dt since tab currently expand to dlc +post tag. I think it is clearer to not have two differents actions on tab and enter.

2 actually kind of work since I append a : before each tag in the dp list. If you want to match all posts with freeware and updater type : ":freeware :updater" it will get filtered by farr. It is not perfect since :free would match :freeware as well but I find in good enough in my uses. It got the bonus that it is incremental and I can match :freeware and :freewares.


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