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new FARR Plugin : Delicious - built on the Javascript SDK : FScript

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ecaradec, i'm using the latest version of Delicious plugin (version 1.0.13) but i'm not sure why this happens. please refer to the screenshots.

when typing "word", WordPad appears on the search list.

but when "Wordpad" is typed, the Delicious plugin takes over.

I seem that the 'dp' in wordpad trigger the delicious plugin. Could you check that the regex for dp is ^dp (.*) in the delicious alias group ?

i see.. that's seems to be the reason so how to disable this behaviour? btw, here's the screenshot of the alias tab.

those aliases look ok lanux because they all have the ^ which should make them only match at begining of line.
try going to plugin options and select the plugin and check the regular expression there.

in the plugins section, there is no entry in the regexp. btw i'm posting the screenshot.


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