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new FARR Plugin : Delicious - built on the Javascript SDK : FScript

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Rrrr.  :-[. Glad you like it. Yes, the dialog is generated from the options document.

M. 8)

thanks once more, ecaradec! the local cache feature is also very handy.. :Thmbsup:


i wonder if you could change the aliases

for exemple the regex for delicious post is dp(.*)
which triggers whenever i write dp .... in the search box

wouldn't be better to use :
^dp (.*)

starts with dp then a space... ?

unfortunately it is read-only  :huh:

Keep up the good work, this plug-in rocks !

Yes you are right, the match are a bit too easy. I change the last version so that the aliases only match at the start of the line followed by a space.
If you want to change some delicious plugin aliases you can export the aliases to you personal aliases then change them from there.
I really appreciate all my users. It's a pleasure that you like my work. 8)


great job !  :up:


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