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new FARR Plugin : Delicious - built on the Javascript SDK : FScript

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Ok I think the problem is fixed. It was caused by pending requests that completed after the current FARR query ended.
Download links removed : use link in the first message.

i just have to say this is so damned cool that you have created a way to write FARR plugins in javascript.  Beautiful stuff.
works like a charm here.

wow it works now thanks !  ;D
love this plugin...

now my biggest wish is that someone makes a sdk for autohotkey !!

The delicious plugin is now really perfect, awesome etc. Thanks for making it.
It's a lot faster than using the Firefox "Delicious bookmarks" extension for looking up bookmarks.

One concern I have is that the password has to be inserted as unencrypted text.
It would be cool if the plugin could ask for a username and password at the first time of invocation and use the cookie provided by afterwards. Hmm, if it is impossible to open some input dialog from a FScript dialog, it could read in a file and delete it after acquiring the cookie.

Somehow the delicious plugin always opens a selected bookmark twice. When no Firefox is running, two Firefox windows are opened with the same URL. When there already is a Firefox instance running, two tabs are opened with the same URL.


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