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How many of you use encryption?

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I only use encryption in 2 forms:
Keepass for my keys, fSekrit for my most important keys (on an ftp so that i can access it form anywhere) and fSekrit for important documents (like school work) which i need to send someone.

There is very little stored data that I bother to encrypt; most of it is "safe enough" sitting in my computer in a locked house, needing a password to log in. Anything that's really private goes into TrueCrypt, which seems to me to be better thought-out than others (e.g., it's plausible deniability features).

For just a couple of files on my PocketPC, I use CryptoStorage (, which is the same kind of volume container thing. The software is great, their customer support is non-existent, as far as I can see.

I would use encryption on my email just on general principles, but the network effect hobbles this -- very few people actually have the software to do this, or even to understand what's going on.

Don't forget that the other side of encryption's coin is digital signatures. I have used this many times in communicating with clients. I don't care if they can't verify the signature themselves; the fact that it's there at all would allow me to prove the accuracy of my story in court (should the need ever arise; it never has).

Only KeePass and OTR, I don't have anything here that I would bother to encrypt (nor anyone would bother to take any interest). Well, except the Miranda database containing all my conversations, but mostly because that's of no interest to anyone (no blueprints of atomic bombs or plans to assault the United Nations building xD). I might use encryption for storing backup files in a remote server, but not on the local machine.

Several encryption apps running here. Cryptext being the most used coz it's so damn fast - perfect for "casual" use.
I've found CD Lock the most transparent method for encrypting removable media.

i occasionally use pgp or gnupg for sending encrypted email.


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