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How many of you use encryption?

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There is, effectively, no privacy these days. The govt basically has carte blanche to snoop into our private information, and the courts have ruled that even computer techs have the right to look at your hard drive and report you.

I know that the majority of pc users have no idea what encryption and security is, and they are not expected to. But I wonder how many knowledgeable computer users, like those who post on forums, have their data encrypted. I personally store all my data in a TrueCrypt container which is then backed up locally and also online. I'm also setting up the same system for all my friends and family, and its very easy for them to get used to it.

Especially on a laptop, it is critical to secure your data. If Windows EFS and Bitlocker were not so inherently dangerous, I would use them instead.

I do. I prefer encrypted containers myself.

BTW, I scrapped TrueCrypt after finding BestCrypt Traveller

Ralf Maximus:
I like the idea of encryption, but so far no implementation appeals.

I experimented with PGP a few years ago and found the whole mindset & workflow cumbersome.  I use TwoFish encryption in some of the software I write for security related objects, and offer it as a feature for "regular" data.  None of my customers avail themselves of this feature -- not sure why.

For normal correspondence I find most people don't understand what I say anyway, so it seems a waste of time.

Ralf...what?  :huh:

Nighted, what are the advantages of BestCrypt over TC that made you choose it? I've read about if before and a quick glance didn't show me anything that TC lacks except the volume encryption which is coming in v5 of TC according to their website. TC also has a traveler mode.


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