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How many of you use encryption?

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Don't forget the tinfoil hat ;D

I use SyncBackSE to partly synchronize my Home and Work PCs via a USB HDD. On the USB HDD, I use encryption. So if my USB HDD gets stolen or lost, file contents are protected.

Compression with Encryption is part of SyncBackSE. The only limitation is that only file contents is protected, not file names, which can be still read normally.

If you do full-disk encryption on linux, make sure to use encrypted swap too... having /boot unencrypted (as it needs to) isn't a security issue. I've used root-encrypted linux with slackware and loop-AES for several years, works like a charm.
-f0dder (December 24, 2007, 03:53 AM)
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Very late reply: I had to re-checked the step by step guide and it seems that only the 100MB boot partition is unencrypted. Everything else, including swap, is encrypted.
Armando #24: great if they add support for keyfiles. Most practical would be if you could have two ways to unlock the encrypted installation once you have created it: either through a keyfile (for everyday use) or through a strong password (in case the flash drive with the keyfile is lost).

edit: when I now read the links Armando supplied I saw that my wish above already is on the todo list since this is listed under use cases: "Pitti normally uses a keyfile on an USB stick for booting his laptop and only uses the very long and complicated passphrase as a fallback. When booting, he is asked to insert the USB key or enter the passphrase."

Lusher wrote earlier in this thread that WDE is coming for TrueCrypt. Some more details from their site reveals that it should be released very soon. Very interesting!
TrueCrypt 5.0
Release scheduled for: January 2008
Windows system partition encryption with pre-boot authentication
Mac OS X version
GUI for Linux versions of TrueCrypt
Parallelized and pipelined read/write
and more.
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I know I need to use encryption more. And definitely more systematically. That means having a clear system for it (which I can use across all the computers & usb sticks I use - in a number sites and also when travelling) depending on the need. Some computers I do not have access rights on, so I will need to badger IT depts over the issue.

One question I have not got sorted in my mind is the issue of keys. Encryption is fine, but it seems to me that leaves the key as the weak point. How long a password/phrase can I rely on myself to learn and use regularly? Is it then best to use a password manager for the really complex phrase? How does a keyfile system actually work? Is a password hashing system a better option?

I use all the systems a bit, but none entirely convinces and none work easily but still leave me feeling very secure.

As if the medicine must taste terrible to be effective.


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