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How many of you use encryption?

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i use truecrypt too.

I read the next version released next year will have system partition/boot drive encryption. Very very interesting ,though i doubt i will use that.

I have also tested Truecrypt for some time. Great application!

During the last couple of weeks I have tried whole disk encryption (WDE) on my Ubuntu laptop. I carry it around all the time and have work related documents on it so WDE  seemed like the best thing to aim for. On the truecrypt forum (temporarily down at the moment it seems) there was a thread on a built in WDE option in Ubuntu (on the alternative install CD). Or almost WDE since there is a small unencrypted boot-partition. From reading that truecrypt thread I got the impression that it is still very secure given a proper password. So far my testinstallation has worked flawlessly. I enter the password at startup - that's all. Here is a step by step guide that was linked to from that truecrypt forum thread:

If you do full-disk encryption on linux, make sure to use encrypted swap too... having /boot unencrypted (as it needs to) isn't a security issue. I've used root-encrypted linux with slackware and loop-AES for several years, works like a charm.

I depend on it (and have for years) to keep all my patient information unavailable to anyone who gets access to my computer. I used PGP previously. Currently I use truecrypt.


[slightly off topic] Ubuntu might take its encryption options and features a couple steps further :

The Gutsy Gibbon Alternate installer introduced the possiblity to configure encrypted devices (with cryptsetup/LUKS and dm-crypt) and offers a standard partman recipe ("Use entire disk with encryption"). For Hardy we want to review how we can improve this, in particular:

 * Provide support for it in ubiquity
 * Offer encryption support for autoresizing and "automatically partition free space" modes, too.
 * Consider support for key files (on USB sticks, etc) instead of/in addition to passphrases.

--- End quote --- [/slightly off topic]


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