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Using FARR on a computer of a customer



I'm a software developer and currently I develop software on site in an office of the customer. I use a computer provided by the customer. I am allowed to install free and open source software that I feel helps me get my work done.
Now I'm in some kind of dilemma. I'm using FARR on my notebook and my home office computer and would like to install it on the computer at the customer's office. I won't install my own DonationCoder Life time license on it, since it would look strange on that computer to use my private license.
How often will FARR nag me, if I install it without a license. Once a day would be acceptable, but if it nags more often, I'll probably have to consider other alternatives without such licensing restrictions.

@Mouser: Does this restriction really pay off? I think it will prevent quite a few people from using FARR and those other alternatives that aren't as good as FARR will get them as users.


What about generating an anonymous freeware license key?

the intention with dc license keys is that you should be able to use our programs wherever you go, etc. so there is no reason for you not to use your license key on the office computer.

but if it bothers you or them to use your license on that computer, just email me ([email protected]) for a license key that has different info.

I didn't realize there was an anonymous non-donator license type.
Thanks to scancode for mentioning it.
That looks like a usable solution.


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