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Laptop hard drive... 5400 or 7200 ?

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the reason i ask these questions is because sometimes i come across attractive bargains for these 'open box' products but its definition varies from seller to seller and most of them will come with a limited time warranty such as 1-3 months. but i guess one have to be lucky as well with 'open box' merchandise.. :)

Lanux - I bought an open box Seagate Momentus G-Force 320GB 7200 rpm notebook drive (ST9320421ASG) and took delivery of it yesterday. It's AWESOME! I expected there to be some difference running it, but not that it would be so obvious in every aspect of my use of the computer. It replaces a 250 GB Western Digital 5400rpm drive. This was a decent drive, but the 7200 rpm drive boots much more quickly and everything feels "crsiper" in use. I haven't timed anything (like boot time) but will try to do so and report back here.

Bottom-line: the upgrade from 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm is well worth it!

that's fantastic, Darwin! it's good that you went for 7200rpm, the seek-time jump will be an obvious advantage from my experience.

note: i'm thinking of expanding my desktop's hdd to 500gb but might go for 640gb if the cost per MB is lower for the bigger drive.


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