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WinTasks Pro ... Windows Explorer is a trojan - yeah right!

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Lashiec - The Ultimate Troubleshooter does it that way, too... I actually moved from WinTasks Pro to TUT because I found the information that it provides easier to locate and understand. Still have WinTasks installed, though...

Carol Haynes:
I think problems arose when Uniblue bought LIUtilitities (which AIUI was a one man show and he wrote some brilliant stuff). Since he sold the title of the software to Uniblue they have more or less stopped developing WinTasks (apart from a minor update to v. 5 which was probably just done to raise revenue) and have concentrated on selling security and maintenance tools. I can't comment on the strength or abilities of those tools because I don't need their anti-spyware software or their registry cleaner (I refuse to use registry cleaners any more from any company) but they seem more aimed at raising revenu through intimidation than anything else.

What a pity!

Yes, and its age shows as well. I am familiar enough with TUT and WinTasks to overlook the explorer.exe as trojan warnings, but I do think that if nothing else a GUI update is long overdue.


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