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100,000 users!

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Coz people love and use our apps hosted here so much that most of them don't have enough time to post. ;)

Ralf Maximus:
That "Guest" guy is sure sucking up a lot of bandwidth, though.

The lurker-ratio is probably the same here as on other forums.  I'd expect it to be lower, since the registration for DC is so darn simple, but I guess there's more to it than that.

Most of time guest seems to be in communicado, wherever that is...

remember that users have to sign up at the forum to download a long-term free license key, so most users sign up for that reason.

still.. it's enjoyable to see a new person post every once in a while who has just been a quiet reader for a while and suddenly gets inspired.  usually that happens when the newsletters go out..

Congratulation Mouser!!!


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