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End-user problems with Artplus Software

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I have some concerns about this section as well, and it was always clear that there was real potential for things like we see here in this thread.

And the point that this section could be used by people to make up stuff to attack the competition is troubling.

If this section gets out of hand we will have to reconsider it.. Right now it exists because the consensus of people on this forum seems to be that they want a place where they can talk about problems they have with companies, without it cluttering up the main sections of the forum.  I don't really view the decision as one i should be making -- it's up to the people here whether they want such a section.  As long as it remains generally civil I think it's ok.  People do need a way to express their frustrations about companies, and warn their friends.  If a company has a forum that is usually the best place -- if they don't then a forum like this is definitely needed.

As far as only allowing one side of the story -- I do think this thread shows that this is not the case.  I would welcome both sides to comment on any complaints here (again, as long as they do it in a civil manner).  I think it's always important for both sides to have their say.

People do need a way to express their frustrations about companies, and warn their friends.-mouser (December 15, 2007, 05:40 PM)
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I agree with most of the things that you've said but the part that I quoted is a problem... or at least one word is: Frustration.

Frustration makes people do things that they normally wouldn't do. Or at least people get carried away and make more damage than may have been deserved.

As far as only allowing one side of the story -- I do think this thread shows that this is not the case.-mouser (December 15, 2007, 05:40 PM)
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Not really. Yes, I'm allowed to post here. But it's a pure coincidence I found out about this post. Nobody checked the other party claims nor contacted me for comment. That's nearly as effective prevention as a possible ban itself.

Anyway, I'm not saying you should remove the topic. I just say it's not all that rosy anywhere on the Net and things can be ugly under your nose without you noticing it. (You may wish to check a comment I've sent few minutes ago to Carol Haynes BTW)

Was that part edited since I replied? Or I missed it somehow?

ALSO, you are very much out-of-line trying to reveal private email info publicly-doublewitt (December 15, 2007, 01:47 PM)
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I'm not going to do that. I asked you if you wish this to happen. I have nothing to hide.

I didn't even publish your full name.

and also twisting it's sense and meaning... a very ill practice indeed...-doublewitt (December 15, 2007, 01:47 PM)
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Okay. I guess we'll have to stop somewhere so it might as well be here...



Mouser (and others),

I think this section serves a very useful function and I've seen it make some important differences. So I would hate to see it go.

This particular thread makes me (and maybe just me) uncomfortable however because I see a number of statements made as being personal attacks, which is an inappropriate use and detracts from the section's value.


  To add my 2 cents worth, I think it's great that Mouser put in this forum.  Many software companies are screwing many people, and it's nice to have a place to warn others.  Where else can this happen?
  As far as some place to attack the competition, I would think that Mouser and any other moderators would notice one person attacking a particular company in particular.  And don't believe for one second that most of the software companies don't "moderate" their forums as well to weed out anything that makes them look bad.
  About fairness, how about software companies selling great reviews of their products on other forums/web pages to make it look like it was just some average Joe making a comment.  I have come across that little problem myself a time or two.
  And lets not overlook the fact that this forum allowed a software representative to add his 2 cents worth.  If the shoe was on the other foot it wouldn't work that way with most software companies.
  When software don't live up to it's advertisements, is buggy or like most don't have customer service/tech support as advertised, then what is the recourse when most all of the software agreement legalese state that if you install it (or open it), you accept it as is?
  Everything is open to abuse, but with moderation such as this site has, I don't think this will be a problem, especially since you have to register to post.......

Power To The People!!!

  OK, that was about a dimes worth......    ;)


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