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S.O.S.....Having troubles "upgrading" from Vista to XP SP2

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Interesting. I took a look at your exported file and there is no information in it about your video card. It should be in the Components -> Display section. But yours is empty. That was one of the main things I thought it would provide to assist you in finding the correct drivers.

And I am getting tons of japanese characters out of that file. Weird... :huh:

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
I need to do a similar thing.
Have a Gateway MT3421 Lappy. Love it. Hate Vista.

To create my hard disk image of the current setup, don't I need to create some free space?! ie. another partition big enough FOR the image?
Or can it be created and burned to DVD, like, live?!
I've never had to create an image before, but this seems the inevitable first step to UPgrading to XP SP2. haha.

get yourself an external usb drive.  backup unto that.
or if your laptop can burn dvds, you could do that also.

SIW under Hardware/Video may give you the video adapter model?



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