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Aliases for tracking packages

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It's Christmas time, and that means tracking package deliveries!

To simplify this, here's my donation to FARR: a small set of aliases to launch the page showing your package tracking information from major shipping companies (obviously you need your shipping number for this).

Aliases supported:

* usps (US Postal Service)
* fedex
* ups
* UPS tracking number - if you just enter a UPS tracking number starting with "1Z", that alone will trigger UPS tracking
The .alias file is attached.

Merry Christmas!

NOTE: Download the latest version of this alias pack with icons here:

nice!!!  :up: :up:
ps. it would be nice to have some icons for these.. hamradio made and setup all the icons for the built-in aliases maybe he would be willing to make them for these.

Very cool!

P.S I hope in the version of the site there will be a place for repository of aliases as well of as of plug-ins (with some rating/categorizing/tags system maybe? ;))

definitely on farr 2 pages there will be alias packages listed as well as plugins.
tag system might be nice.. have to look into it.

wanted to help out... this is basicly the same alias file, but i have included dhl, as well as regex's for the non-ups shippers.

giving credit where credit is due: i borrowed the missing url's and regexp from the track package plugin for firefox. though, I could have found the information easily, and i doubt the devs care. :) but to be nice, you might think of installing it if you use firefox, handy little tool.

1000>>>usps>->usps $$1 |$$1>+>^usps (.*)
1000>>>usps>->usps $$1 |$$1>+>^(\d{20,})$
1000>>>ups>->ups $$1 |$$1&AgreeToTermsAndConditions=yes&ignore=&track.x=39&track.y=16>+>^ups (.*)
1000>>>ups>->ups $$1 |$$1&AgreeToTermsAndConditions=yes&ignore=&track.x=39&track.y=16>+>^(1Z.*)
1000>>>fedex>->Fedex tracking $$1 |$$1>+>^fedex (.*)
1000>>>fedex>->Fedex tracking $$1 |$$1>+>^(\d{12,19})$
1000>>>dhl>->DHL tracking $$1 |$$1>+>^dhl (.*)
1000>>>dhl>->DHL tracking $$1 |$$1>+>^(\d{10,11})$

--- End quote ---


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