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Remove toolbar from main window

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i dont see pinkish on my xp; i could add an option to kill titlebar text and icon if people wanted.
stealth skin is a bit too strange for me,
but the new skinny itunes is PERFECT!

I think the pinkish comes from the fake transparency in Win2K, #FF00FF is used as the transparent colour (the biggest limitation of this skin system is not supporting alpha-transparency properly, only fake one). Stealth skin is too weird for me too, but it does do the job of hiding all but the text-entry and table.

ah that probably explains the few reports of trouble with win2k and transparency when using skins with F&R

Screenshot of Stealth on Win2K showing the Barbie Syndrome! With the title removed - that UI is as minimalist as it could ever get!

well i suppose it could be a bit more stealthy if the table background itself was transparent  ;)


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