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hi mouser,

thanks for the reply...and, indeed, great coincidence re your plans, much looking forward to examples/clips/etc.

the reason F&R very immediately, though purely intuitively, appealed to me as soon as i came upon it, is that i've always been "fiddling" with the "machine interface", ie the way to get to the largest variety of "stuff" with the least complication, waste of time etc. i had developped a kind of "model" whereby there were "levels" of immediacy of access to applications/folders/files, ie some things were accessed via the systray, some launched via quicklaunch (on a hidden toolbar), some via the (unfortunately hard to find) danish Quickmenu (*really* excellent!!), the rest via an entirely reorganized personalized StartMenu etc.
and with F&R, even though i have at this point in time only set up a few very humble alias groups, already no more need for quicklaunch nor, in most cases, for wading through the start menu or through windows explorer. daily work now gets done nearly exclusively with coldswitch/quickmenu/F&R.

very much looking forward to ideas and examples for further finetuning!!
thanks for a wonderful piece of work.

great :)

and don't forget to give us your suggestions and feature requests!

much of the recent additions to F&R Robot have been from suggestions from users like you who are interesting in maximizing efficiency and expanding the range of what F&R can do.


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