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The MAIN reason EVERYONE should use EverNote!*

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Do people backup their evernote databases?  I setup a ftp on a remote computer and drop it there once a day.

Like everything else, evernote's database must be backed up... Once or twice a day  here too.

encrypted backup daily :up:

Too late, Tom! The first test was SQLNotes and was negative (ie none of the edits were there when I started my computer up and opened SQLNotes). The second test with OneNote was positive but fraught with danger! chkdsk popped up on system start and went nuts deleting files and moving things around. When the dust settled explorer.exe crashed soon after my desktop started loading and I had to kill it when it restarted because it hung, freezing my system... The "good news" is that OneNote DID save all of my edits.

In both cases I was typing as I hit the power button on my computer.
-Darwin (December 13, 2007, 12:28 PM)
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SQLNotes saves on each field change. This was fine for the outlining grid. For the HTML editing pane, it isn't sufficient, because users can spend hours entering stuff. A time-base save will be added for the HTML pane.

Yes... admittedly I understood less how SQLNotes works when I did my little experiment than I do now (NOTE: I am not offering to repeat the experiment!).


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