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The MAIN reason EVERYONE should use EverNote!*

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darwin, thrillseeker, boldly goes ... where most people dont

Tom - if I'm not mistaken (Ralf?) that's almost a haiku! I'm honoured  :-*

f0dder - I don't know what an "atomic save" is, but I have had my kids pull the power on the PC randomly in testing EN as I was typing and somehow everything I had typed up to the shutoff was held in integrity, so some kind of "save" was afoot.

Even if there are no crashes on your end, has anyone ever lost a post because the server was reset (or any other reason) where you lost a post?  Again I'm not trying to spam EN on anyone, but I have also never experienced anything negative in using EN.  I was just hoping to help others avoid the hair-pulling frustration of the darker side of computing and be more productive.  :)

-CodeTRUCKER (December 13, 2007, 10:27 AM)
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"Atomic save" means you don't touch/modify/fsckup the original file until you're 100% sure you can't fail (and thus corrupt data). Usually it's done by saving to a tepmfile, and when that's successful (and disk buffers are flushed), you delete the original and rename the tempfile (yes, I still need to implement this myself in fSekrit, I'm such a lousy person).

And yes, I've had a browser crash/timeout/whatever, which is why I compose longer forum posts in Notepad++ (until I pull myself together and find a decent bbcode editor), along with the It's All Text! addon :)

Carol Haynes:
Another reason is the Christmas Sale ... here is the email I just received:

   Seasons greetings and happy holidays from EverNote!

All of us at EverNote are excited to spread some cheer with a great holiday sale. For a limited time, we're offering huge discounts on our popular EverNote, EverNote Portable and ritePen products, as well as two holiday packages. Sale ends on January 15th.

Visit the Holiday Sale page here:

Holiday Packages:

EverNote Package: EverNote 2.2 and EverNote Portable - $29.95 (reg: $69.90)
Capture everything, take it everywhere, and find it all anytime with our two great EverNote products.

Complete Package: EverNote 2.2, EverNote Portable, and ritePen 2.5 - $39.95 (reg: $99.85)
An incredible 60% discount off all our products!

Special Holiday Offers:

EverNote 2.2 - $19.95 (reg: $49.95)
Our popular flagship notetaking and organizational product is available for 60% OFF!

EverNote Portable 2.2 - $14.95 (reg: $19.95)
Take your notes with you wherever you go on your USB drive, and access them from any computer.

ritePen 2.5 - $19.95 (reg: $39.95)
Get the most out of your tablet PC, UMPC or other pen-enabled Windows device with the industry's best handwriting recognition technology.

Visit the Holiday Sale page here:

The EverNote team
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Evernote on sale!  How fortunate for any that need it!  :Thmbsup:


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