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The MAIN reason EVERYONE should use EverNote!*

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I am at roughly the half-century mark and I will remember the most important things (I write a lot) for just long enough to get them down in a most spartan-like condition.  Twice I have had BSODs during some very critical apologetic writing and not even the autosave was able to rebuild Humpty-Dumpty again.  I was able to jot down the subject and where I wanted to go, but electrons are now the keeper of "how" I wanted to express and I have never been able to recall those sentences.

Enter "Evernote"

For me the most important feature (documented or not) is the ability to somehow save every keystroke.  When the keyup event is triggered, it is on my doc!  I have tested this in numerous ways and in every test Evernote still had it on the screen when Windows and came back up and I executed Evernote.

If you write and NEVER want to risk losing any pearls of wisdom, then Evernote is here to help.

FYI - The above is my own experience.  I am not spamming nor am I receiving any compensation.  I am offering a friendly tip.

You make EverNote sound like a keylogger.  That isn't what you meant, is it?

Carol Haynes:
No I think he means that EN is handy to compose in and then copy to the app.

Does EN save data to its library after every single keypress - seems a bit wasteful ...

having a look there -
it does seem to save each time I make a change

dont know if it's wasteful - it's quick, responsive, uses cpu & memory but nothing out of order here at any rate

Do you really see that many BSOD that it is a concern? I haven't had but maybe two in the past three or four years. BSODs on WinXP should be a /very/ rare occurrence these days and should only result when you update or install a device driver.


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