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Software to help share files between home/work?

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If you're dealing with ASCII text files, subversion  :-*

I'm using jungledisk and because it mounts amazon s3 as a system drive you can use all the regular sync tools with it. For example I use Super Flexible File Synchronizer which means I can use it as a backup or directly open files from that drive in the associated application. It also means you won't lose your data. Jungledisk has its own autobackup functionality with multiple versions if you like.

I tried foldershare in the past but was not happy waiting for it to synchronize as I dont keep both my home pc on all the time. I've tried sync programs with my ftp space but I didn't like having to wait for the synchronization to complete, I want to be able to open my document at any time during the night and know that it's up to date. Jungledisk does that for me. However if you're directly open a 30mb zipfile and it happens it's not in the local cache jungledisk uses then it first has to download the whole file before you can open it, making windows explorer unresponsive. (on xp at least). It's expected I guess but it's only niggle for me.

I recommend SyncBackSE. I sync most of my folders between my Home and Work PCs using a USB HDD. On the USB HDD, all my files are compressed and encrypted (this is an option of SyncBackSE), so if I lose the USB HDD or it gets stolen, file contents cannot be displayed (however, all file names and modification dates are not encrypted, this is one of the limitations).

The developper is quite open and active on its forum . There seems to be a new major version (5) in the works, but still no official release date.

There is also an option to keep versions of files (you can specify how many versions of each file you want to keep, and for how long).

I am not sure, but you may be able to use a FTP instead of the USB HDD.

After much testing and looking for a suitable solution, particularly one that was free I chose Unison It was a bit fiddly to set up, but I have it synchronising my documents and favorites at home and at work. It only moves the parts of a file that has changed and not the whole file. This is based on rsync.



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