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Random Reboot issues (was Anyone else having random reboots with Firefox)

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Carol Haynes:
This saga continues ....

Still getting random reboots on my system and can't figure out what is causing it.

I get no errors in my system or application event logs (apart from the Save Dump note when the system restarts).

It seems almost totally related to the kernel sound drivers as they are the common element in every reboot - and there was a reboot yesterday when a reboot caused issues only in the kernel sound system (even though there was no sound playing, and no audio app open at the time).

I have tried removing my Audigy 2 drivers and the card and gone back to the mobo sound interface for the time being but I am still getting reboots!

The only other device in my system that could be causing this is a HaupPauge TV card which also installs sound drivers so I will try ripping that out.

I have thoroughly checked memory with multiple memory testing programmes (including Memtest+ and MS Memory Tester) and can't find any problems. I can't see how it can be the CPU otherwise it would fall over all the time.

I have two systems with identical mobos so I have swapped mobos, and video card systems so the only things in my system currently that are common with before are corsair memory cards, the TV card, the hard discs (floppy, 1 SATA, 2 ATA, 2 DVDRW)and the PSU (plus USB devices: keyboard, mouse, printer and a couple of external Seagate hard discs and an internally installed card reader - plugs straight on a USB header on the mobo).

I have attached a few recent DUMPCHK outputs from the error dump following the STOP condition (0x1000007e)

Anyone got any other ideas how I can troubleshoot this?


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