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"B_R_E_A_K___O_N_E_-_N_I_N_E_!"... Calling all Truckers!

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Actually, I'd like to hear some amusing/scary/interesting trucker anecdotes.  Of the "you wouldn't believe the things I've seen" variety.

Got any?
-Ralf Maximus (December 12, 2007, 09:55 AM)
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IANA trucker, but back in the late 70's I used to work in a travelling circus here in Ireland. A lot of one-day shows in small towns and pulling out of muddy fields at four in the morning to drive 20 or 30 miles to the next tober. 

Mostly I rode in an ex-WW2 Scammel artillery tractor that drew the Big Top. It had no heater and no windows, and it drank from a drum of red diesel in the cab. If you unscrewed the cap when it was running you could actually see the level going down. It was so slow on the hills that one driver used to put a brick on the throttle and get out and walk. 

What a fun mix of interesting people around this place!

(Jenny !  Red Diesel??? For shame on you circus peoples!) 

You know Tinjaw! He's done e v e r y t h i n g.  ;)

When I was in the army I was with the 1st MI Bn. We were a corps asset in Wiesbaden. The unit did radio signal interception and was stationed at the only US Army Air Base because we had airplanes that flew our antennas around. Our radio equipment was in  four semi-trailers and was powered by two semi-trailers loaded with generators. I was rated to drive the M915 bobtail by myself and w/trailer as a student driver. I didn't do it often. I usually drove a Deuce & 1/2 or a 5-ton (the old style).

Oh, and I didn't call break one nine because the military doesn't use CB. But I did call CQ.

But I did call CQ.
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  de k5baa/ve1   -k-


(Jenny !  Red Diesel??? For shame on you circus peoples!) 
-BigJim (December 12, 2007, 11:47 AM)
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Well, I was just a josser, so I didn't like to ask, but might the Scammells have been classed as tractors, since they did not use it for anything else?

Another tale from that time: only the old hands knew how to get from one tober to the next, so the tentmaster would set out first and put down grass sods at each junction to show the way. I was with a new driver and we ended up on a dead-end road in the middle of nowhere. He couldn't reverse out because we had a drawbar trailer behind, so the only thing to do was to open a gate into a field and make a big turn.

The field wasn't quite big enough..  :-[  So I had to go and find the farmer and explain our position.

Did I mention the six lions in the trailer?  :-[


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