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IDEA: Personal Event Log

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Updated Description:  I'd like a fast way to log a recurring event (that I am tracking) acutally happend.  My thought is a Program or Firefox Custom Button that, when clicked, adds the date/time to a log file.  Features that would be nice to have:
1. Works with or without the log file (text or html) open in a Tab
2. If log file can be html - record the selected event as an HTML table row.
3. Indicate the event was added by sound and/or message
The following enhancements would allow logging a few different recurring events...
3. Button includes a dropdown with entries based on my own text/vars (eg Event Description 1, 2, 3, etc)
4. Record the selected event as "Date/Time" plus "Event Description"
5. Default button opens the html/text file
Original Post...I'd like a fast way to log a recurring event.  My thought is a tray icon that, when clicked, adds the date/time to a log file.  My use of this app would be 2 record when something (that I am tracking)  acutally happend.  Features that would be nice to have:
1. Indicate the onclick event by sound.
2. Ability to assign a name to the mouseover popup
3. Ability to assign my own (tray) icon
4. Tiny memory footprint

If there are alternative ways to do this pls let me know... I don't use AutoHotKey so that is not an option for me.  I'm on XP Pro.   I use Firefox 2 - maybe a bookmarklet/extension could write the time to a txt file?  I'll post a question about this option at
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I have already got this close to finished. I check back here and see that you have updated your description.  :P No problem. Give me a few minutes to get this up for you to start testing.

Here is version of Click2LogIt. It just has bare minimum functionality at this point.

* No installer. Just run it.
* By default the log file will be named My Click2LogIt File.c2l in your My Documents folder.
* You can right-click on the tray icon to change the log file.
* Clicking on the tray icon will log the current date and time and sound a quick beep.
I will start adding the other stuff you asked for.

Please report bugs or request features on my mantis server. (You will need to create an account with a valid email address.)

Hi Tinjaw,
Thank you so mucn!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: I am sorry about changing the description- but did not think anyone would start so fast.  I look forward to any enhancements you come up with... thanks again!


I'm in the middle of moving, but I have scheduled some time to work on this Saturday evening. I'll have a new release and some documentation.


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